Samstag, 2. Mai 2009

Dann machen wir halt Breaking News

An der University of Southern California hat man jetzt herausgefunden, dass die Amerikaner immer mehr Nachrichten im Internet konsumieren (53 Minuten pro Woche) und dass etwa ein Fünftel der Nutzer ihre Zeitung abbestellt hat, weil die Nachrichten ja auch im Netz verfügbar sind (hier geht's zur Zusammenfassung der Studie).

Die - gedruckte - Zeitung stirbt aus:

“Thirty years ago, teenagers began to read newspapers as they reached their adult years. Today, teenagers don’t read printed newspapers, and research indicates they never will. Yet we’ve found that teens are more interested in news than any generation we’ve seen in a long time, only now online sites are their news sources. Our study has shown over the years that the future is clear,” heißt es in der Studie.

“When newspaper readers die, they aren’t being replaced by new readers.” Aua!

Jetzt aber zum Positiven:
  • “For the first time in 60 years, newspapers are back in the breaking news business”
  • “Print newspapers still have strong brand identities and reader loyalty“
  • “The key to newspapers’ success will be making bold moves entirely into the digital realm, and building business models that allow them to thrive online”
  • ”When asked if they would miss the print edition of their newspaper if it were no longer available, 61 percent of those who read newspapers offline agreed — up from 56 percent in 2007”
(via: @jeffjarvis)

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