Donnerstag, 11. September 2008


Jeff Jarvis war am 11. September 2001 auf dem Weg zum World Trade Center. Minuten nach der ersten Attacke kam er dort an. Wenigen Stunden später hat er seine Erinnerungen per MP3 aufgenommen. Eindrucksvoll.

My story: an audio narrative...

I've recorded my narrative of Sept. 11 in audio. I wrote the story hours after the attack and since then, when I've told more of it here on this blog,
people have responded, sending me email, telling me in other blogs to keep on witnessing, or just reading. And so, before I forgot the details,
I decided to tell the fuller story of that day and to tell it instead of writing it.

Here are six MP3 audio files:

1: The attack
2: Witness
3: The clould
4: Rescue
5: Flight
6: After

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